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Sri Lankan
Date of Birth
26/08/1975 (age: 44 yrs)
Place of Birth
155 cm / 63 kg
Marital Status
High School (10~12 yrs)
Language Skill
English (Excellent, 14 yrs)
& Experience
Care for Infant/Children   14 yr 9 mo
Care for Elderly   -
Care for Disabled   -
General Housework   14 yr 9 mo
Cooking   14 yr 9 mo
look after dog   6 yr
Other Information
Able to handle pork?
Able to eat pork?
Able to handle beef?
Able to care dog/cat?
Able to do gardening work?
Able to do simple sewing?
Willing to wash car?
Working Experience
Singapore 13 yr 9 mo
Maid Introduction

FRON MAY 2004 TO APRIL 2005 - She had been working with an Chinese Singaporean employer and she been looking after 84 years old lady and she been working in bungalow type of house and she can cook chinese dishes very well she is mature and independent type of helper.

FROM APRIL 2005 TO SEPTEMBER 2006- She had been working with an Irish family and she been looking after 2 young children aged from 3 years old and 6 years old children and she been working in Bungalow type of house and she can cook local chinese dishes, some Indian dishes, Sri-lanka dishes and western dishes able to follow recipe books.

FROM SEPTEMBER 2006 TO MAY 2010- She had been working with an American family here in Singapore and she been looking after 5 cats and she worked in Bungalow type of house and she cooks meals for her employer usually she cooks western dishes. " According to her employer recommendation letter that Ganga Ekanayake has been employed as a helper for my family from August 2006 through present. Her reason for seeking new employment is due to my circumtances and does not, in any way, reflect any issue I have with Ganga. An eager worker, she kept herself to a tight schedule of what work would be done each day of the week. She carefully planned her housework and the meal preparation with childcare responsibilities.Ganga learned to be flexible and to be creative; with her positive attitude, did not seems difficult as she was always eager to please. Ganga quickly proved herself to be invaluable,trustworhy, and helpful , and always determined to do better. In her role, she was responsible for all aspects of the house including (but certainly not limited to); determining the need for and ordering all groceries, cooking all meals, cleaning, laundry (by hand and machine), ironing, simple repairs, shopping (for produce at wet markets) and searching for the best quality and best price. managing money for the payment of food, contractors and tutors and looking after the family cats. Ganga excellent as a cook. As we are vegetarian and maintain a fairly strict sugar free diet , she became accustomes to adjusting new recipes with unusual ingredients given our dietary needs. She tooks pleasure in finding foods that appealed to this family of finickly expats. She learned to cook vegetarian meals and excelled in finding ways to make lowfat and nutritious, balancing flavor with healthy eating while still experience cooking. I beleive she has created some classics all her own. "what's for dinner?" was often answer with a dish entitled with her name, as a "Ganga's chili" or "Ganga's palak paneer". Given large sums of money each week ,Ganga accounted literally for every cent with detailed receipts tracking each expenditure.There was never any reason to be concerned with her handling finances or taking care of the house while we travelled on occasion. She was and is extraordinary trusthworthy.Still, Ganga's primary and ultimate responsibility was to oversee the care of two preteen girls when their parents were not home, be it after school, evening or occassion short vacations.In the difficult underfined role or non-parent , non-friend and non-nanny,she bacame their trusted guide. And, when an issue she came up that she was not comfortable with, she never hesitate in discussing it with me.Though she worried that I wold think less of her for not knowing what to do or how to handle the girls at every point , I only though more of her for not keeping anything from me respected her and didn't take advantage of her. As noted , if circumtances were otherwise, I would have Ganga with our family as long as she willing to stay. As it is, I would highly recommend Ganga without hesitation".

FROM MAY 2010 TO MAY 2011 She been working with British employer here in Singapore and she been working in bungalow type of house,her duties included; washing dishes,do the laundryincluding the ironing ,car washing,marketing or grocery shoppingand etc.,She can cook western, chinese, Indian dishes and able to follow recipe. She been looking after dogs as well. " According to her employer recommendation that Ganga has been working for me for one yea. Due to a change in my personal circmtances I am no longer able to retain her in my employment. Ganga is a very sweet lady who is always in good spririt.She has always worked to my satisfaction and became an integral part of the household very qucickly.She is very professional and has a lot experience in mant areas, wheather that be cooking, general marketinf and accounting , looking after dogs etc. She is very easy to approach and can communicate well in English. She takes care of herself very well and always presents herself in a tidy fashion. She knows how to cook various dishes such as Indian, western and chinese .The food always tastes good and is well prepared. She takes care of the shopping herself and buys all the requiered groceries. She always celans the house from top to bottom without a problem. Around the house everything is always clean and well taken care of. Also, washing and mending clothes has never been a problem. She has been dealing with gardener, various suppliers and landlord where repairs were needed in a competent manner.She can be trusted in making various arrangement herself without guidance.To summarise, Ganga is a great  help and needs very little guidance.I wish her all the best in finding a new employer and will support her that effort".

FROM MAY 2011 OCTOBER 2012 -  She had been working with an Indian British employer and she been working Bungalow type of house which is just a couple no kids and she been working in Bungalow type of house and she can cook chinese, Indian and western dishes able to follow recipe books. 

FROM OCTOBER 2012 TO MARCH 2013 She had been working with an Irish family ( April 2005 to September 2006) employment an now the children aged are from 13 and 16 years old children.She been working in Bungalow type of house and she can cook local chinese dishes, some Indian dishes, Sri-lanka dishes and western dishes able to follow recipe books. According to the employer recommendation letter that " We have been fortunate  to have Ganga in our employment not once but twice! She has worked for us 2004 to 2006 and since August 2012.In between we repatriated back to Ireland. Regrettably we have no option but to release Ganga as we are again repatriating to Ireland. During her time with us, Ganga proven herself to be honest & hardworking invidual who strives to compler all tasks to the best of her ability.A wonderful Indian cook, Ganga has taken on board learning how to cook western style-brown bread, scones, salads , juices etc. A keen learner always willing to try! Job description includes shopping, cleaning, laundry , dealing with contractorsetc. While possesing many strenghts, two of these stand out.... the caring and loving relationship that she developed when my two girls were 4 & 7 years old and now into their early teens that continues.Her other strength is here willingness and ability to learn and adapt to our way of lifestyle.We would like to wish Ganga al the best in the near future employer, who will be exteremely lucky ro employ a wonderful lady".

FRON MARCH 2013 TO YEAR 2014 She had been working with an German/ Spanish family who have stayed in landed residential Bungalow type of house and she does the cooking mostly are western dishes and some western dishes  able to follow recipe books. With her current employer she have helped her employer to looked after two young children from newly born baby and 2 years old child. Ganga is mature and independent type of helper.

FROM YEAR 2014 TO PRESENT - She is currently been working with an Canadian family who have 2 two teenage children aged from 14 and 17 years old children and she is currently been woking in residential type of house and she does the cooking mostly are western dishes able to follow recipe books.

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